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Adventist Student
Personnel Association

Standards & Criteria for the

Certification of Student Development Educators (CSDE)

CSDE Requirements and Application (To pay your application fee via credit card please go to your ASPA profile on this website and click on "Optional Additional Charges" under Financial/Historical Data.)

The Adventist Student Personnel Association (ASPA) is affiliated with the Association of Seventh-day Adventist Educators. ASPA was established in 1978 with the following objectives:

  • To promote the principles of Christian education with emphasis on student development.

  • To nurture the integration of faith and learning in all aspects of development: intellectual, physical, spiritual, and social.

  • To strive for ethical and professional excellence, encouraging members to demonstrate the effectiveness of developmental education through various accountability measures.

  • To identify and communicate to the members of the Association methods and materials for professional development.

  • To serve as the voice of the members in dealing with issues and trends in the profession.

ASPA's membership is composed of Seventh-day Adventists who are employed in the student services division of secondary and post-secondary educational institutions. Establishing standards and criteria for certification of student development educators from among the hundreds of people employed in the church's school system is in keeping with the objectives of ASPA.

Student development education is a multifaceted field that addresses all aspects of student services. ASPA's diverse membership and its commitment to professional development make it uniquely qualified to provide leadership in an international system of voluntary certification.

Certification of a student development educator is a process by which ASPA grants recognition to individuals who have met qualifications in professional areas of student development. Those responsible for hiring and evaluating student personnel will find assurance that professionals possessing this certification will have a standard level of knowledge, skills, and experience in the discipline. Obtaining certification as a student development educator is not designed to credential professionals for classroom instruction.

Both professional training and experience are essential in the development of a certified student development educator (CSDE). While some training and professional preparation may have taken place within the university and college settings, other preparations, such as in-service education and nonacademic experiences may also apply toward the certification requirements.

In addition to the academic and work experiences deemed critical, ethical behavior, respect for others, and commitment to growth are basic personal characteristics of the student development educator. Evidence is sought, via letters of recommendation, regarding intellectual and social skills, self-confidence, emotional stability, flexibility, maturity, empathy, understanding and appreciation of cultural/social diversity, awareness of one's attitudes and values, commitment to spiritual leadership/practices, and verbal and written communication skills.

* The file is password protected. When you try to open it and it asks for a password, click on the "Read Only Access."

Direct all questions about CSDE to:

Camille Kibler
CSDE Chair
Oakwood University